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IV therapy delivers vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream. This alleviates common symptoms faster than the traditional oral route. It also provides better absorption of nutrients than oral supplements, which take more time for absorption. Our specialists can assist you with hydration, ailments, metabolism & more with quick & easy IV solutions. We are running limited time offer summer specials. Don't hesitate to ask about how you can save & feel amazing today!

Summer Specials
Jet Lag: $179
Triple Immunity: $179
Beauty & the Beast: $189
Migraine & Headache: $179
Super vitamins: $189

Hangover: This blend will alleviate symptoms associated with dehydration, nausea, headaches, & also support your body with minerals & electrolytes which improves wellness, reduces recovery time, & supports your liver after a hangover.

Fatigue: Improve your mood & tired or sluggish feelings while supporting your body with a boost of vitamins & essential minerals.

Cold and flu: Instantly boost your immune system to fight the flu virus & alleviate pain, headaches, or body aches associated with a virus.

Illness Recovery: This IV blend supports & boosts your immune system.

Nausea: Put your wellness first with a combination of essential hydration & anti-nausea medications, quickly.

PMS symptoms: Improve energy & mood. Reduce PMS headaches, body aches, joint pains & feel better overall.

Skin Health: Give your skin a boost of hydration, decrease dryness & common skin problems.

Dehydration: Improve dehydration associated with illness, sickness, nausea, diarrhea, & more.

Stress: Improve mood & stress levels, boost your energy levels, & maintain your immunity! 

Migraines: Alleviate your pain level while hydrating your body with fluids, vitamins, & minerals.

Immune Support/Boost: Give your immune system a boost of vitamins C, B, minerals, & more. Prepare your immune system to fight for seasonal allergies, acute stressful situations, especially after an acute illness or chronic illness.

Energy Boost: This blend is known to improve your energy, mood, sleep, & fatigue. 

Fitness Recovery: Alleviate body aches & joint pains. Help the muscle recovery process by shortening recovery time & preventing lactic acid build-up. Great solution for athletes or active people.

Vitamins Boost B12: Improve metabolism, neuromuscular conduction, energy, memory, weight loss, & other benefits.

Vitamin C: Essential for growth, development, & repair of all body tissues. It supports the immune system in fighting illness, seasonal allergies, skin diseases, & has many other benefits. 

Zinc: Boost your immune system & metabolism functions. Zinc is  important to wound healing & even assists with your sense of taste & smell.  It helps to prevent COVID-19 & alleviate COVID-19 symptoms, improving your health & recovery.

Glutathione: A powerful antioxidant. It may prevent cancer progression & reduce cell damage to the liver; it also improves insulin sensitivity, may prevent other disease progressions & improves the prevention of certain illnesses.

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